Comparison Between Window Defender Vs Avast In Detail

Technology has spread its wings in all aspects of our life; nothing has been left untouched by technology. It not only gives back up in our personal life but also professional life and it has been an important factor of our life. But the devices which we use need protection whether it is a personal or professional device. If devices and data are not protected then they can be intruded on by cybercriminals with ease. It means devices and their data are vulnerable and can be accessed by third parties without putting in much effort. Defending devices and their data become our primary duty.

Usually, people face a lot of difficulties to select the antivirus to defend their devices. Considering the difficulty of the users, this post focuses on window defender vs Avast, the comparison of this antivirus will help you figure out which one can suit our needs. With the view of making smart decisions in 2022, the users must make a good comparison between window defender vs Avast antivirus, and Avast Customer Service helps them in spending their money judiciously.

Features Of Window Defender

As the name suggests Window defender is designed for window computers because it is enabled with advanced features, and is robust enough to ward off online threats. The following features of this antivirus are given below.

• The parental control of window defenders is worth appreciating which helps parents to monitors the online behavior of their kids, and they can also set the time for how long they want their kids to be on-screen and what content they want their kids to watch. In their absence, if their kids try to access age-restricted content, they will be informed via text messages. Thus, kids can feel the virtual presence of their parents while being away from the home.
• Window defender is incorporated with a robust firewall that monitors incoming and outgoing traffic of your system. In addition, it gives a shield against unauthorized access to your system. In other ways, it watchdogs online activity and wards off online threats from your system.
• The real-time threat protection of window defenders is one of the most talked-about features that can prevent malware, spyware, viruses from being installed on your system, and it can neutralize the attack of malware with ease.
• Phishing websites are designed by hackers to access your personal credentials like your account number, credit card number, email address, phone numbers, and many more. Phishing sites seem to be original or legit fool people, as soon as you click on them, you are trapped. Window defenders keep all the phishing sites away from your system.
• Running Window defender on your system does not compromise the performance of the system. In short system performance will not be affected in any case.
• Window defender also gives hardware security.

Window Defender VS Avast Defender


Features Of Avast Antivirus

Avast antivirus offers security-enhancing features which make it stand out and more worthy than window defenders, and a few of the prominent features of Avast are mentioned below.

• Password protection is a key feature of Avast antivirus and passwords cannot be decrypted by hackers. Many times it has been reported that computer users are unable to recall their password, in this situation password manager helps them.
• Avast is enabled with a web shield that cannot be compromised by a third party. The main purpose of compromising your webcam is this hacker wants to keep an eye on your activities. If you use Avast antivirus which does not let hackers access your webcam.
• Data shredder is also a unique feature of this antivirus that can delete unwanted files from your device permanently. Thus the performance of the system can be increased, and it can create space for new documents as well.
• Nowadays, hackers use new and smart tricks to access the device and data. By way of using the smart trick, they can get hold of your system remotely. But Avast security software is enabled with a Remote access shield that does not offer any sort of opportunity to access your system.
• Sensitive data is well protected by Avast security software that does not give even a slight chance to hackers to have access to it.

Likewise, a few of the features are similar in both window defender vs Avast antivirus like firewall, real-time protection, detection of viruses, and so on.


The main comparison between window defender vs Avast antivirus is that Avast provides free products as well as many premium products, which are available at different price points while window defender is absolutely free. Avast antivirus gives better malware protection than window defender. In a nutshell, avast is better than window defender.


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