Common Technical Glitch Of Avast Antivirus In Window 10

Avast, one of the most leading, popular and user-friendly antivirus in this tech era. Owing to its high-graded technology, this security program is proving many steps ahead of its competitors, and it can do not let viruses, malware, spyware breach the security of your device. Moreover, it provides inaccessible security to your device. However, the users of Avast antivirus customer service come across a few of the common errors which can prevent you from using your system in a smooth way. The main purpose of posting this blog is to help Avast’s users to resolve the common technical glitch of Avast antivirus in Windows 10 which are faced by its users the following are.

Avast Antivirus Causes A Black Screen

Avast causes a black screen at the time of installing Avast antivirus. The following steps are going to help its users to resolve technical glitches of Avast antivirus.

• On the taskbar, you will find the Avast icon to click, so that you can launch the Avast user interface.
• After that you will move to the general option which is under the settings tab.
• Go to the exclusion option, and click “add” and the following address must be added to the exclusion like C:WindowsExplorer.exe or C:WindowsImmersiveControlPanelSystemSettings.exe
• At last, restart your computer.

Avast Antivirus Not Responding In Windows 10

At the time of installing Avast in Windows 10, if you receive the message “process trust” it means Avast cannot be installed on these windows as already one antivirus has been installed on it. It happens due to the conflict between the current antivirus or Avast. In this situation, at first, the current antivirus must be uninstalled. To have two antiviruses on one system is not a good thing. In order to overcome this technical glitch of Avast antivirus, there are a few steps which are given below:

1. At first, you must open the “control panel” and then programs and features.
2. Now, find the installed antivirus software, and right-click on it, and go to choose to uninstall.
3. After that you can install Avast antivirus software again.

Opening Issues With Avast Antivirus

The files of the Avast antivirus virus are corrupt and missing, the Avast app cannot be opened on your system. Using Avast-free repair can be a good solution to resolve this technical glitch of Avast antivirus. The following steps are mentioned below.

1. At first, open the control panel
2. Scroll down until you will find programs and features
3. Find and select Avast antivirus, and then tap on “change”
4. This step will allow you to access the settings of Avast, you can update, modify and repair applications.

5. You can click “repair”, that Avast security software will be restored to factory settings and then all the files will be reset to default versions. By way of following this way, Avast antivirus software will run.

Avast Antivirus In Window 10


Windows 10 Is Unable To Recognize Avast Antivirus

Many a time, it has been noticed that the Action center is unable to recognize Avast. This message pop-up on the screen of your computer towards the downright side, and such a situation occurs if avast antivirus and Windows Defender are turned off. So, Windows cannot find any antivirus on your computer. For resolving this technical glitch of Avast antivirus, you need to follow the provided steps which are given below.

• Avast icon is available on the taskbar, as you find it, and to click
• Now, you can move to shield control and then select disable at least for ten minutes.
• In order to enable it one more time, you will have to go in the same way like select the enable and all shield option.
• By way of following this step, this issue can be resolved in a minute.
However, if this issue has not been fixed, here is one method to apply which is mentioned below.

• At first, you can right-click on the start menu, and then select the command prompt.
• In the command prompt, type winmgmt /verify repository and then Enter in the Command Prompt.
• If it displays “WMI repository is consistent, the issue is detected type ‘winmgmt/resetrepository’ and press enter and vice-versa.
• If it displays” WMI repository has been salvaged-WMI repository has been successfully rebuilt, now move to the last step.
• In the end, reset your computer.


The above-given steps will help you out to resolve this technical glitch of Avast antivirus. Although users find it hard to fix this issue, they can get help from experts who provide their assistance remotely.

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