Preventing From Software Supply Chain Attacks On AOL

Being a security provider, you and your team leave no stone unturned to provide inevitable security to your products and network. However, third parties make their intervention with the wrong intention on both your product and network by using software supply chain. Thus, security providers or enterprises find themselves on the back foot. Unfortunately, the failure in providing adequate security proves to be disastrous for both network and products or its customers. Not only small enterprises but also eminent security-providing organizations, such as AOL, Kia Motors, Macbook, SolarWinds, etc are being targeted by online criminals, recently. Taking software supply chain attacks on AOL into consideration; this post is enabled with ins and outs of it that will help you overcome it. AOL (America Online) comes with a few technical glitches which are encountered by its users. In order to resolve other issues, you can get utilize AOL Customer Service. Without beating about the bush, let’s move on to understand the software supply chain.

What Is Software Supply Chain?

A software supply chain is a software that is used by a threat actor to infiltrate a vendor network and it deploys malicious code with the intention to hack the software product before the security providers send it to their respective customers. The software and the data which are under attack of malicious viruses, like malware, spyware, ransomware, will help the hackers to generate the options for the third parties to get monetary benefits. This act makes the security of the device as well data vulnerable and provides access to unauthorized persons.

Why Does Supply Software Chain Attack?

Supply software chain attack is a robust technology which is used by tech-savvy or having experience of many years with intention of securing either privileged access or frequent communication thus, they can keep software supply chain attacks on AOL away with ease.

What Is Privileged Access?

As its name suggests that many software products like to have privileged access to increase the efficiency of their products. But the question arises of how infiltrators get privileged access it is because of accepting default levels of access this act permits a jailbreak of unlawful access attack. As a matter of fact, many security software like to maintain its presence across the organization, unauthorized access want to make the most of this loophole and has the intention to dupe its users by using phishing link.

Supply Chain Attacks

What Is Frequent Communication?

In general, the communication is always maintained by security software with its customers regarding its products like a software update. An unauthorized person creates a phishing link that is loaded with malware, ransomware and sends it to customers to update software, in the meantime, they create a mask between a real security software update and its customers, thus customers become vulnerable with ease.

General Idea Of Software Supply Chain Risks

Software supply is also having a good amount of risk if its process is done using outsourcing. As we know that software development lifecycle is having risks, such as design, distribution, deployment, maintenance, acquisition, production, and disposal have their own risks like software supply chain attacks on AOL. How supply chain is risky for instance:
• Imported Parts may also contain malware which can be placed during the design and production.
• While distributing the new software is also full of risks.
• The maintenance phase is liked by threat factors which open the door for threat actors.

Aol Becomes A Victim Of Software Supply Chain

Recently, on 28 Feb 2020, software supply chain attacks on AOL came into the limelight; AOL users received a phishing mail which got success to fail e-mail filters security which is provided by AOL. Phishing mail stated that you must re-activate your account by using the login on this link. If you avoid doing this, within 72 hours, your AOL account will be deactivated. The sole purpose of sending this was to obtain the user’s login name or password. Many of the elderly AOL users got baffled, and share their issues with their family members. AOL customers must be imparted education about e-mail phishing to avoid facing such a disaster.

Software Supply Chain Attacks

How To Prevent Supply Chain Attack On AOL?

As we know that software supply chain attacks on AOL can be prevented by way of taking a few of the preventions.

Software Must Be Enabled With A Risk Management Lens:

In the case of purchasing new software, you must find a risk management lens in your software that can help you overcome this issue. The organization must acquire the software which can keep the software supply chain away from your organization. The program is known as mature risk management is posed by information technology to the organization.

Verification Done By Vendors In Terms Of Your Software:

Verification regarding software done by vendors usually, the team of vendors in order to verify security processes to protect their devices, data. Such processes start with typing either SOC 2 report or ISO 27001 Certification from the vendor you got your service. Before purchasing any security product, one must go through carefully the certificate of the software. So, you can correlate to these products. Intending to avoid any sorts of issues that are created by the software security chain, you must ask for your vendors to walk through the organization.

Getting To Know About The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC):

The development of software is very important that plays a vital role to minimize the risk as well as the vulnerability of the organization. When you want to buy security software, you must ask questions regarding the development of the software for example what kind of training do the developers need? How effective is security software in the development process, how do they develop the software and examine the code? How do they use their code for their product? And these questions will let you know the software’s features thus organization will mitigate the risk against online threats.

Blending The Risk Management And Secure Software Development:

Most organizations use blending risk management and secure software development to avoid facing the risk which is created by a third party. In case using cyber-supply chain risk monument (C-SCRM), one must be aware of a few key practices recommended by NIST (National institute of standards and technology).
• Use C-SCRM in your organization
• Integrate a formal C-SCRM program
• Users must know how to use Critical Component and suppliers.
• One must be aware of enterprises ‘supply chain.
• One should be enabled knowhow to use key suppliers.


Software supply chain attacks on AOL are faced by it its users, by way of going through this post one will be able to keep online threats at arm’s length. However, one finds it hard to overcome this issue, one can get the help of experts who can provide assistance remotely.



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