How To Remove Ads From AOL Mail Easily Without Any Problem

How To Remove Ads From AOL Mail Easily Without Any Problem

AOL is known as a web portal which stands for America Online based in New York City. Basically, it is an online service provider. AOL full fills most of the online requirement of its customers from mailing to the latest most updated news of politics, economics, sports, entertainment, and other sorts of development in society. On account of its services, it has been very prominent in The USA. But time moves AOL starts thinking of making remarkable revenue out of the pop-up sales offer by way of sending popup sells or other content. Up to some extent, it is bearable after that it becomes irritating and annoying for the users, moreover, users get fed up with it.

After reaching a saturation point, users start thinking of getting rid of pop-up sales. Just because of this reason, more and more users are moving away from it nowadays. To disable pop-up sales is not easy-peasy work for users; it has a set pattern to delete pop-up sales from your AOL mail.

With the aim of getting rid of this issue, you must know how to delete ads from your email page. Pop-up windows appear mostly when you read email messages or writing new outgoing messages. You must be aware a few basic settings that can be done by you in AOL mail therefore, all email messages should be opened in the same window which you sue to see your AOL mail.

Remove Ads From AOL Mail

How to Do Away with Ads on AOL Mail:

Regarding remove ads on AOL mail, AOL does not give an option to remove ads permanently. It offers free email services to you that is why they can remove ads temporarily. On the top right corner of ads, you can close or x sing, just you need to click it. As soon as you click it, you will find feedback, in that feedback they want to know why you want to close these ads. Thus, AOL deletes these ads from that certain advertiser.

How to Delete Ads from AOL Mail?

In fact, it is not easy to remove ads from AOL mail permanently. Such kind of services is not available for free email services but it is possible to remove ads for one session by following below given steps.

• Primarily, sign in to your AOL account.
• In the top left corner of the home page, you can find an email button, just click it.
• As you click on a new window, your email will be opened in add free window.

AOL is a free platform to give its services to its customers. It does not generate any kind of revenue. In this situation, ads become an ideal mode to earn money from this portal. If users want to ads free AOL mail, he or she must purchase ad free AOL mail by calling AOL Customer Service Phone Number. Hope this article helps you to get rid of Ads from your email account.

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