How To Overcome Blue Screen Errors On Dell Laser Print

In order to enhance the productivity of the office, the printer is one of the most important gadgets, which is used in every office. By using the printer, multiple works can be executed, including the output provided by computer or laptop can be converted into hardcopy, or electronic files can be sent conveniently via Fax globally. In this cutting-edge environment, the market gets flooded with oodles of printers, but one of the most prominent printers is the Dell laser printer which is enabled with sophisticated technology and proves its worth. However, the users of Dell laser printers find a few technical issues, Blue screen error on dell laser printers is one of the most common errors that are encountered by its users very often. With a view to resolving, blue screen errors on dell laser printers, this blog as well as Dell Printer Customer Service will be an ideal option for the users to adopt.

What Is Blue Screen Error On Dell Laser Printer?

Blue screen error on dell laser printer occurs due to its hardware including driver system, data network, IP address, and many more and any one of the errors can create a blue screen on dell printer.

Restart Your Dell Printer With The Data Connection Removed
• At first, you must turn off your printer.
• Now, you can disconnect the printer from data cables (fax, Parallel, and Ethernet) as a wireless network as well.
• As the data connection is removed, you can turn the printer on.
• After that you can examine the power-on self-test with no errors and then you move to operator panel menus to get a print settings report.
• As the issue regarding setting reposts works expectedly, and the issue still persists, it means there may be another issue like clearing the print queues.

Clear The Print Queues
• At first, you should make your printer free from all the jobs which are in queues on your system.
• And then, you will be prompted to reinsert the data cable and restart your printer.
• Until network communication is reestablished, you must wait.
• Despite making this effort, this error persists in your printer, to take another probably step to fix this issue for instance reinstall the printer’s driver.

Dell Printer Blue Screen Error


Reinstall Printer’s Driver
• At first, you must uninstall the driver as well as the other printer software on the system because these things occur error on the system. as you uninstall the driver and printer software, you must restart the system and print spooler service as well.
• In order to download and install the latest version of the printers, you must move to the official website of the dell printer.
• As soon as you complete the reinstallation of the drivers and software, you must go for printing a Windows test page again.
• Despite making that effort, your printer still persists in this error. Now, you can clear the job, after that, you can restart the printer and move to make attempt to print a windows test page again with new drivers.
• After reinstallation of drivers, this issue has not been resolved so far, you will check the print spooler of your system that may be corrupt. For the purpose of fixing this issue, you can update the printer’s firmware.

Update The Printer’s Firmware
• First and foremost, you must clear all print queues and restart your printer, thereafter, you must visit the official website of dell to download and install the latest version of dell’s firmware.
• After updating the printers’ firmware, you can print your document again.


The blue screen error on the Dell printer is not a new technical glitch. More often than not, the users of dell encounter this error. The solution to this error is very easy for the users, they do not need to get help from experts, and ins and outs of this error are given in this post. If the users are unable to resolve this issue, they can get support from the customer supports remotely.


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