Online Gamers Protected By Norton Against Hackers’ Tricks

COVID-19 creates a vacuum in our life and makes us feel isolated. In order to fill the vacuum and overcome isolation, people have to find new ways of getting fun and entertainment without leaving their homes. Online gaming is the most viable option. At this point, most people get used to playing online games that require them to register online providing their personal credentials, including name, credit &debit card numbers, email address, etc. all these information can be fodder for hackers which can be shared with the dark world. A great number of gamers often do not focus on this aspect and ends up being a victim of online malicious activities.

What Do Hackers want From Gamers?

It becomes crucial for gamers to protect their personal credentials as well as their gaming profile which can be compromised with ease by online criminals. Gamers usually have a lucrative profile since they devote their time and money to it. If it is not properly guarded by Norton Antivirus Setup, it can be accessed by wrongdoers without putting in any tough efforts.

Tricks Used By Hackers To Access Gaming Profile

Fraudsters execute a wide range of tricks to trap gamers in order to obtain their personal information that can be converted into a lucrative deal. Some of the common tricks are phishing, smishing, social media attack, etc. Therefore, gamers should not click on unrecognized emails or links.

Views Of Online Gamers Regarding Protection

The survey executed by Norton antivirus in terms of gaming security, three-quarters of the gamers in the USA underestimate their cyber risk and do not want to take proactive steps to save themselves against online threats and think they will not fall prey to a gaming scam. Here is a data of other countries like-minded gamers in New Zealand (52%), Australia (59%), Germany (46%), and UK (50%), etc.


What To Do To Avoid Being Culprit Of Hackers?

Online gamers protected by Norton against hackers seem to be one of the best steps for them, but apart from it, there are a few of the tricks which can be utilized by online gamers that are provided below.

• The suspicious calls should be ignored by online gamers.
• Make sure that gamers should not share their financial credentials via text, phone, or email.
• With utmost care, you should share your personal credentials.
• Don’t click on suspicious that come via either in any text message or email address.
• Make sure that banks or other financial institutions do not make a call to get personal information. Rather, hackers use spoof phone numbers to get your details.
• Do not click on gaming flash notifications while playing games.
• While providing information, be vigilant so there will be no regression behind to make up.

How Are Online Gamers Protected By Norton?

Online gamers protected by Norton antivirus that comes with many plans which are known as NortonLifeLock or NortonLifeLock 360 to protect game geek, is one of the best options for the gamers to keep online threats at bay. It provides security in more than 38 countries to PC gamers because it is enabled with multi-layered protection, dark web monitoring powered, PCsafeCam, password manager, VPN, Two-way firewall, personal identity & real-time protection, etc.

It has been essential for online gamers to protect themselves against cybercriminals by way of either using Norton antivirus or implementing the above-given protections. Make sure that taking precautions cannot be as robust and secure as Norton antivirus.


Online gamers protected by Norton globally due to its unfailing technology which works as a shield against the tricks used by hackers. The above-given information can help its users to play online games without having the tension of stealing their data.

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