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Owned by Symantec Corporation, Norton Antivirus does not need any introduction as it is the most loved pc security software. Norton itself has many products such as Norton Security Deluxe and Norton Security Premium. All Norton products are backed by award winning Norton Customer Service Phone Number to help end users in case of any difficulty. Depending on your requirement and budget, you can choose any one of these products to protect your computers and other devices such as mobile phone and tablets. Apart from pc security, Norton does have other protect like Web Security and Secure Router to protect all devices that you might have in your house. Norton has recently launched the Secure Wi-Fi router to provide business class security to home users and its continuously gaining popularity among people in United States and Canada.

At any point of time if you need any kind of help the company, just go to the official website and look for the support options at the bottom of each page. If you just wanted to do a bit of research, you can go through the Frequently Asked Questions, this will help you understand and resolve most common problems with Norton Antivirus. Still if this does not help, there are many support options such as Community Help, Live Chat Support and toll free Norton Customer Service Phone Number. You can post your issue in the community section and other members will try to help you quickly. You can also take the advantage of Chat support and discuss the problem with a Norton representative for assistance. At last if you want quick solutions then toll free phone number will be the best. For your convenience, few support options are also mentioned above on this page.

General Troubleshooting Tips

Installing Norton Antivirus Software

If you have purchased Norton antivirus online, you must login into your Norton account to be able to download the setup file on your computer. After finishing download, run that setup file and follow on screen instructions to install it. If you have got a retail card, you must visit where you have put the license code printed on the retail card to download the setup file. If you do not know your account details, get in touch with Norton Customer Service Number to recover your user name and password.

Norton Antivirus Not Working

When you click on Norton icon on your desktop it should open Norton user interface but there are times when it does not open or respond at all. It means that your Norton installation is not working properly or some of its files are corrupted. In such situation, first you should try to complete remove Norton from your computer. You can do so from the control panel of Windows but if it did not work, download Norton Removal Tool , run it and restart your computer.

Norton Customer Service Phone Number

Once Norton Antivirus is removed from your computer, re-install Norton Security with latest setup file.

Norton Live Update Problem

If Norton Live Update is not working on your computer, the first thing you need to check is your internet connection. Norton should be able to make connection with its could servers to be able to download latest virus definitions and other important files. If your internet connection is working then most probably some of Norton installation files are missing or corrupted. In such situation, you must remove and re-install Norton Security using the above mentioned method. If you do not have internet connection, contact Norton Phone Number for manual update instructions.

Installing Norton Identity Safe Toolbar

Norton Toolbar or Norton Identity Safe is an integrated part of Norton Security, could also be downloaded separately. Norton toolbar is a great way to save and manage login details using a secure Vault. If you have Norton Security installed on your computer, Norton toolbar should also be installed however you might need to enable it in Google Chrome. If you do not have it installed, you can download it from the official website and install it. Remember not all versions of Google Chrome are compatible with it. To know the most compatible version call Norton Customer Service Number (Toll Free) which is available in countries.

Installing Norton Security on Another Computer?

Installing Norton Security on other device is very easy, you just need to login into your Norton account. If you have Norton installed on one device then you must have a Norton account, Just login. As soon as you are logged in into your Norton account, look for an option to Install Norton Security on other device.

Norton Antivirus Customer Service Phone Number

You must agree with the terms and condition before you can download setup file. After downloading Norton Setup file, run it and follow on screen instructions and you are good to go.

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Mark Foster
Mark Foster
5 years ago

Hey Guys, this is Mark here and I’m using Windows 8 in my PC but when the window’s 10 came I thought to upgrade my windows 8 to windows 10 but after upgrading it to Windows 10, I can’t see my Norton antivirus. I thought that these updates affected me as Window’s 10 has deleted the files of Norton antivirus without any confirmation. I thought it may be the compatibility issue of the Norton that create this problem. So if you have any idea that how to get rid from that, please suggest me.

Gary Moreland
Gary Moreland
5 years ago

I am using Norton Security for more than 2 years and never faced a problem with it. Yesterday I was surprised to see that something poped up on my computer all of the sudden that says Norton has encountered an error and Norton update failed to complete. I rebooted my computer but this time as well Norton Update was not working. I called my local technician and he advised me to remove the Norton Security completely from my computer and reinstall it. I took approx 30 minutes but resolved the issue with Norton Live Update. I think it was not… Read more »

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