McAfee Total Protection Complete Review With Pros and Cons

McAfee Total Protection Complete Review With Pros and Cons


McAfee is certainly one of the oldest and most trusted names in anti-virus, and this is for good reasons. McAfee Total Protection is a complete and reliable anti-virus package packed with useful features. This can be a bit pricey, but with its amazing features and unlimited installs, you will certainly get value for your money. You can also use single license on multiple devices such as PC, Mac and Android.


This anti-virus scans your important corrupted files. This offers more than this through automatic updates, password manager and web monitoring. Real-time web monitoring is also another notable feature of McAfee Total Protection. This will filter sites as users access them and also scan files before any download. Web monitoring also eliminates cookies and trackers that come with parental control. The parental control is being turned off by default. However, you can switch this on in “privacy tab” of UI to the set restricted websites.

Total Protection also carries out automatic updates for as long as users allow it. Every time you run scans, McAfee will check for the application updates. Having a central location for the updates is also a nice feature. Another favorite feature is the McAfee Shredder. This tool effectively obliterates your sensitive digital information and data. You can shred any given folder. However, McAfee is pointed towards recycling bin through default.

McAfee Total Protection

If your computer gets infected in such a manner that a product cannot clean it up, McAfee engineer can access your machine and get rid of it. If this does not work, you can get a full refund, but this deal will require you to enroll in an auto-renewal service to pay for the cover of subsequent years automatically. The significant components of McAfee Total Protection are the web or email protection and antivirus protection. Antivirus scanner is considered award winning and is available with the best value of signature-based scammers.


  • Integration-The McAfee Total Protection builds its product to guarantee proper integration with the pre-existing products is completely seamless.
  • Reliability-When properly configured, the McAfee solutions will not pose any issue. But in case of issues occur, their customer support is proven excellent.
  • Customizability-The security controls and granular policy management are able to mold and tune up solutions into individual organizations.


  • Price-The McAfee Total Protection carries an expensive price tag.
  • Slow Down-This antivirus package sometimes creates slowing down

The McAfee Total Protection is an excellent choice for guaranteed computer protection since these blocks both Mac and Windows malware pretty well. This comes with a 100% virus-removal guarantee. McAfee Customer Service can also help you restore your valuable device the moment malware attacks occur. Its unique mobile components and security tools work well to ensure the ultimate protection of your device. You can be confident that McAfee Total Protection can keep your laptops and your computer protected against unwanted malware.

So if you are planning to invest in antivirus package, McAfee Total Protection is worth the value of your money and can give you the best computer protection that you need.

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