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The McAfee Antivirus is committed to provide full security for both individual as well business computer users. McAfee antivirus is a robust software to protect computers and other mobile device and no one can beat it when comes to overall protection of data and other items. Being top notch pc security software, McAfee antivirus has unique technique to safeguard all household electronic devices such as mobile phones, tables and wireless routers. McAfee antivirus is compatible with most operating systems such as Windows, Mac and Android for further information contact McAfee Customer Service Phone Number. McAfee security is equipped with the best antivirus and anti-spam along with great firewall to any kind of threat that might try to enter into your computer. The auto update is feature is a great help to keep the security software up to date with latest virus definitions.

If you are a McAfee antivirus user, there are times when you might face technical difficulties with it such as you need help from a McAfee Customer Service representative to install or upgrade McAfee antivirus software on your computer. To help users in such situations, McAfee has a dedicated customer service department that works 24X7 throughout the year. If you do not know how to contact them or does not have the contact details, all you need to do is visit the official website and look for the support options at the bottom of the page and click on Consumer Support. It will take you to a dedicated Customer Service page where you need to choose the device type that you have. After this click on the link that says “Contact”, you will be asked few basic information such as your country of residence and the type of issues you have and after that it will take you directly on the support page where you will find the phone number and a link to start chat with McAfee representative.

General Troubleshooting Tips

Installing McAfee Antivirus software

If you are trying to install McAfee antivirus software for the first time then your computer must meet the basic system requirements. You can either purchase physical media from the store or just buy a retail card from McAfee Customer Service Number. If you are trying to install McAfee from the disk then insert the disk into the disk drive and run the setup file. If you have a McAfee Retail Card then first you need to visit to enter the license code printed on the retail card and it will let you download the setup file that you need to install by following on screen instructions.

McAfee Firewall Issues

McAfee firewall is an integrated part for all McAfee security software such and Antivirus, Internet Security and Total Protection. A firewall helps to provide overall protection by monitoring outbound and inbound connections to your device. If McAfee firewall is disabled on your PC, it might be a very serious security concern.

McAfee Firewall

If McAfee firewall is disabled on your computer, McAfee software will show you a message saying “Your Computer is at Risk”. If this happens with you then try these steps:

  • Open McAfee User Interface
  • Go to Web & Email Protection
  • Click on Firewall link
  • Click on Turn on button

McAfee Firewall should be running now on your computer, if not try removing and re-installing McAfee software on your computer. Still if you face the same problem, contact McAfee Customer Service Phone Number immediately to get it resolved.

McAfee Real Time Scan

McAfee real time scanner keeps scanning you computer in the background to protect it from malicious software but if it is not working, try to re-install McAfee software on your device. If you are not able to remove it, you can do so with the help of McAfee Product Removal tool. Also try to boot your computer in safe mode and run a full system scan to make sure your computer if free from any kind of malicious code. It is also recommended to keep computer up to date with latest virus definitions by enabling automatic updates. You can also take help from McAfee Phone Number in case if nothing works for you.

McAfee Using 100% CPU / RAM

McAfee antivirus software uses a process called “Mcshield.exe” and sometimes it is known to consume 100% CPU or near to that. Many users have reported that this issue badly slows down the computer and sometimes makes it completely unusable. McAfee antivirus needs at least 2 GB of RAM and a minimum 1 GHz CPU to work well. Sometimes this issue is also caused by Nvidia video driver update, to get rid of this, you need to disable McAfee antivirus software before updating video drivers as suggested on McAfee Customer Service Number. McAfee’s on demand scanner is also known to consume large amount of CPU and memory thus needs to be stopped to fix this problem.

McAfee Scheduled Scan Issue

McAfee antivirus gives you a feature called as “Scheduled Scan” that runs McAfee scanner on the time set by you. You are most likely to set this time when your computer is idle and not doing anything. If your computer is not idle, scheduled scan won’t run. Another thing that needs to take care of is your computers operating system should be up to date, if not run Windows update and let it download and install latest patches. When you schedule a scan time, you should log in into your computer with Administrator account, sometimes it is disabled by default thus you need to enable it first and set a password to login.

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