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MalwareBytes is anti-malware software, made by MalwareBytes Corporation, for scanning malwares in computers. This program can help you detect attack by malicious programs. Once detected, it removes the virus. It detects malicious websites though a browser and blocks the IP address of this website immediately to prevent harm to the computer and user. During manual or automatic scanning of a device, it can detect dangerous software in files, and device drivers. After detection it wipes them off. It is a very powerful anti-malware solution that can also be used along with you existing antivirus software. To avoid compatibility issues, get in touch with MalwareBytes Customer Service for detailed installation guide. You can also run it on demand and use it as a second opinion malware scanner to safe guard your computer and other devices.

MalwareBytes function cuts across Microsoft Windows, macOs and Android.  The ranges of malicious software it remove from these devices include rogue security software, adware, and spyware. You can visit the support centre to get help with installation, troubleshooting, configuration and more. Visit MalwareBytes website and log in. At the homepage scroll down to the bottom page and click at “Support“. At the next page you can click live chat if you want a real-time chat with a customer agent. You can also get phone support by clicking the “View MalwareBytes Phone Number" link on the same page.

MalwareByte Customer Service

MalwareBytes has always been great software for millions of users worldwide who want to protect and secure their computers and devices. It can detect and remove a wide verity of viruses and malwares that a traditional antivirus might not. Its ability of being used with antivirus software makes it special to get double layer of security which is a great thing to have. MalwareBytes is also a great scorer in tests conducted by various labs all across the globe.

User Guides To Handle Errors

There are lots of issues encountered by MalwareBytes users with the software. These problems that crops up at one point during usage of the product and can hinder its functions if not curbed. We are going to look at the notable four problems encountered with MalwareBytes and their solutions.

MalwareBytes Error 20025

This issue occurs mainly during MalwareBytes installation. It also appears during installation of Windows operating system. The cause of the error can be attributed to different factors. One of them is downloading of a corrupt MalwareBytes file. Another is the incomplete installation of the MalwareBytes software. It can also be caused by the infection of one of the anti-malware related program files. There are ways to correct this error before contacting MalwareBytes Customer Service Phone Number. These troubleshooting can correct the error effectively. Repair registry entries linked with the error 20025. After this, scan fully your system against malware. Update your PC drivers. Uninstall and reinstall the anti-malware. Make all available Windows updates and carry out a clean installation of the anti-malware.

Non-Accessibility of Website

The cause of this is solely by the DNS of the anti-malware. MalwareBytes detects that the website is malicious. A message must have popped up signaling that the website is not safe to open. If you want to go ahead and visit the website (though it's not safe to) ,  right click the MalwareBytes Anti-Malware tray icon, and uncheck “Website Blocking". After this, you will be able to visit the website.

Malicious Website Protection Disabled

The malicious website protection getting will not enable the MalwareBytes detect malicious contents when it comes across it. Due to this, your device might be subjected to harmful effects of the malware. If you are receiving notifications inside MalwareBytes about the malicious website protection is disabled, please follow the following instruction or contact MalwareBytes Customer Service Number. First off, restart computer. After restarting, go to the dashboard a click update now. This is to enable you get the latest version. Exit the anti-malware program by right-clicking the MalwareBytes tray icon. From the programs menu or desktop shortcut, restart the MalwareBytes program. Reboot the computer if problem persists and problem will be solved.

MalwareBytes 'Unable to connect to service' Error

When MalwareBytes program displays a “unable to connect to service" message, it apparently means that the anti-malware is encountering some disruption of its functionality. Mostly, this issue can be resolved by merely rebooting the PC and also setting the service to run automatically when your computer boots Windows. This can be done by clicking the start menu and typing “services.msc" into the search bar. The “Services” window will get displayed, Scroll down to “MalwareBytes” window and click. The window will open displaying the properties. Ensure that the “Startup type" says “Automatic" and under the heading “Service status", make sure it says “Running". Now the problem has been fixed and you can launch your MalwareBytes software.

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