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Amazon Kindle is small hand-held device invented for reading books. It was designed and developed by Amazon, an online retailer. The device enables users to, purchase, browse, and download and read magazines, websites, blogs, newspapers, e-books and other digital media via the Kindle store. You can buy a book, newspaper or subscribe to the electronic version and download it directly to a Kindle. Amazon houses numerous titles in an electronic format from Kindle Customer Service. Amazon Kindle which is a wireless enabled device is used to access these contents over the internet. Amazon's Kindle comes in different version ranging from the Kindle Fire to the Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire HDX. Each of these versions has its unique function. The Kindle has several options you will find interesting while using. An Amazon Kindle lets you bookmark a page that you like, to help reading you get an option of text highlighting and at most you can make your notes as well while reading your favorite eBook on Kindle Fire device.

With the growth of the usage of Amazon Kindle, the company has a customer service system to form a relationship with their consumers. At Amazon you have the option of calling a customer care specialist on Amazon Kindle Customer Service Phone Number which is a toll free number in United States and Canada. Apart from email support Amazon does have an option of live chat support. To resolve billing related issues, email support works well, however if you have a bit of time then you can also initiate a chat support session and an Amazon guy will be happy to assist you.

Amazon Kindle Fire

Log into Amazon and scroll to “Help” at the bottom of an Amazon homepage. The page that follows displays contact options. The contact and the email address get displayed as well. If your issues aren’t resolved with the available options, you can use the “Tell us more” option. After you are done the boxes with an answer, Amazon will ask you how you would like to be contacted; by email, phone or live chat. If you are facing any sort of tech problem, it will be better to call them directly on Amazon Kindle Phone Number and talk to a human who can understand your problem faster and help you to resolver quicker.

Most Common Problems

Every popular product has its own problems. Amazon Kindle has its own topsy-turvy and at the same time the solution to them. We are going to highlight few common problems experienced by Amazon Kindle users and will let you know how to solve them. These are the general problems faced by most users but it if you have any other issues, you might need specialist help from Amazon which is available round the clock in almost every corner of the world.

Wireless Connection Issues

It's of no use if your Amazon Kindle cannot connect to a wireless network. You won't be able to make downloads. This problem can be solved easily. Firstly, check on the top right corner of the Kindle model to ascertain the strength of the wireless network connectivity.

If the network is strong but you cannot access the Kindle store, try to make a disconnection. Open Menu > Settings > Wi-Fi Settings and try connecting to your wireless network, make sure you type the correct password otherwise Kindle won’t connect to internet. Then restart your Kindle. Apart from calling Amazon Kindle Customer Service Number you can also reset the settings of your Kindle to factory settings. Ensure that your device is well charged before doing this and you have taken a back of your content on Amazon cloud.

Kindle Freezing Issue

Another issue often faced by Amazon Kindle users is the issue of freezing. When this occurs, you can restart the model by shutting down the device through holding the power button. Boot it back after some few moments. This is called a Soft Reset of Kindle, you need to press and hold the power button for 40 seconds and release it. A soft reset is most likely resolve some small issues on your Amazon Kindle device. There are certain cases that you may likely experience a serious freezing issue. The best thing to do in a situation like this is to simply reset your device to factory defaults.

E-Mail Not Working

Some Kindle users have complained that their email on Kindle can get to work. Some get work and stop at some point. This problem can be traced down to the native e-mail app on the Kindle. To solve this issue, just download a third party email app. Amazon Kindle have built in support for most common email service providers like Gmail and Yahoo. But if you have any other email that is not supported on Kindle Fire, you have to configure it manually using IMAP or POP3 settings. You could easily find these setting over the internet over wise calling your email service provider will work well to get these settings, they might also help you to configure the email on your Amazon Kindle device.

Kindle Charging Issue

Charging a Kindle takes four hours using Amazon's charger. Most users experience charging contrary to this. It's either it is charging slowly or it is not charging. To solve this, make sure you are using the Amazon cable and charger that you bought along with your Kindle. In a situation where it is not charging at all, test the charger with another device to see if it's working. If your charger is not working, buying a charger from Amazon online will be good idea. You can also walk-in into your nearest electronic store to buy a compatible charger for your Kindle. It is also possible that your Kindle itself has problem, get it replaces by Amazon Kindle Customer Service if it is under warranty, if not then you should buy a new Kindle for yourself.

Kindle Not Connecting To Computer

Many users find it difficult connecting their Kindle to a PC. They cannot get to see it at their PC's drive to perform whatever task they want to. Use a different cable to see if the problem lies on the previous cable. You can turn off both Kindle and PC and reboot again. It is also found that sometime connection to a different USB port on your computer might work. If not delete the USB hub drivers from your computer and re-install them.

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