Kaspersky Total Security Review With Complete Updates

Kaspersky Total Security Review With Complete Updates


Kaspersky Total Security 2018 is maybe one of the newest and also one of the best security suites that you can find on the market. The thing that makes it stand out so much when compared to other options is the fact that Kaspersky  integrates all the stuff you want in a stellar package. Here is this Kaspersky Total Security Review, we will do in-depth analysis of this PC security product.

What can you find in the Kaspersky Total Security 2018?

You will be amazed with how much stuff is crammed in here actually. They have antivirus, parental controls, a firewall, a spam filter and other good stuff. On top of that, they integrated a backup system and even a password manager. So you really get a tremendous value and quality here. The software is quite expensive, but then again it does provide you with all the features and value you need, and that’s the most important aspect of it all.

Kaspersky Total Seurity

How does it work?

We tested the Kaspersky Total Security 2018 antivirus with multiple virus instances and it recognized 100% of them, which is really good when compared to other options out there. In addition, they do a very good job when it comes to offering a seamless interface. Every option is outlined right in front of you, and it does deliver all the quality you want in a single package, all you have to give it a shot and it will be more than ok for you in that regard.

Every additional feature like parental control, privacy and so on is a very good one. It’s definitely going to be bringing you unique options, so try to consider that. Shared features work great too, although it’s always a good idea to optimize and customize everything for yourself. Once you do that you will have no problem adjusting and adapting everything to suit your needs.

Their firewall is a bit intrusive, especially due to the sounds that it makes. But then again, you can mute it if you want of contact Kaspersky Customer Service for help. When it comes to efficiency, the firewall is extremely good and it actually offers you all the value and functionality that you need in a good package.

We also liked the fact that it checks the system for missing patches. It also has webcam control, they added spyware protection too. And you can even access a Safe Money feature that helps you stay away from any problems when you perform financial transactions online.

Is it worth it?

Kaspersky Total Security 2018 offers an amazing antivirus and it also integrates a comprehensive parental control feature. On top of that, it has encryption and shredding features, not to mention it gives you an extraordinary backup manager and cross platform protection alongside other bonuses. The only downside is that it’s pricy. And, if you want hosted storage for online backup you will not find it here. Don’t hesitate and check out Kaspersky Total Security 2018 if you want great security for your device, you will enjoy the results. It’s very good, reliable and extremely impressive!

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