How To Fix Internet Connectivity Issue With Dell Laptop

In order to keep pace with the time, everyone uses gadgets or devices to lead his life hassle-free. In the name of the gadgets, the Dell laptop is one of the most leading gadgets used by modern users without facing any impediment. Despite being incorporated with the latest technology, it receives a few the pitfalls such as internet connectivity issue with dell laptop, if you are one of them who are looking forward to finding the solution to this issue, you are at the right place, but you must go through Dell Customer Service Phone Number so you will be able to resolve this issue with ease.

Causes Encountered By Dell Laptop Users Regarding Wi-Fi

Internet connectivity issue with dell laptop occurs due to several reasons but sometimes it becomes hard to get to the route of this issue for the users. This post concerns Wi-Fi issues of dell laptops such as the Wi-Fi of a laptop being turned off or bug being found in Wi-Fi network adopter and many more issues. Wi-Fi seems to be itself a great reason therefore you cannot connect your gadget to the server. Leave your Wi-Fi worries behind and know the reasons and solutions thereof.

Step 1: Diagnose And Troubleshoot Wi-Fi Problem Faced By Dells’ Users:

Internet connectivity issue with dell laptop is not a new issue faced by its users, but it can be due to several reasons. It becomes a herculean task to identify the exact reason to resolve this issue. in general, whenever dell users face a Wi-Fi issue, they do not get panicked and connect their other devices to the same network if they find other devices do not have any server-related issue, it means something goes wrong with your laptop. If other devices fail to connect to the server, it gives a clear-cut message, router got a snag. In case the finding router is not responding in a required manner, this matter is totally dedicated to the hardware. One more thing, you can do to take your laptop nearby router, sometimes due to weak signal, this issue is generated in your dell. Despite executing both efforts, your Wi-Fi issue is not fixed; you can apply the next step.

Step 2: Enable WLAN In Your Laptop:

Your laptop should be enabled with WLAN if it is not; an internet connectivity issue with dell laptop is bound to be generated. At first, you must enable WLAN in your laptop which can be executed in two ways either switch on the Wi-Fi button or configure your network settings.

Resolving The Wi-Fi Issue By Switching On The Wi-Fi Button.
In order to connect the laptop to the server, one must switch on the Wi-Fi button by pressing the keyboard shortcut such as Fn+F5, thus Wi-Fi will be turned on.

Configure Your Network Settings.
In case the Wi-Fi switch is missing on your laptop, you can incorporate the Wi-Fi feature in your dell settings.
• Move to the search box to type the control panel on the desktop.
• Select either view by small icons or view by large icons and then click on network and sharing center.
• After that tap on the “change adapter settings” which is situated on the left.
• And then, right-click on Wi-Fi connection, and then select enable.
• As soon as you enable the connection, as you click on the right, you will find disable option and then re-enable it.
• After that you can restart your laptop and reconnect to the Wi-Fi if it starts working.
• In case this method does not work, you can move towards the next step.

Internet connection with laptop


Step 3: Ensure That WLAN Autoconfig Service Is Running:

With the help of WLAN AutoConfig service, it can help connect and configure the required logic and can disconnect from WLAN. In case this service is disabled, WLAN adapters will not work correctly. This service work in a proper way, here are a few steps to be followed by you.

• With the help of your keyboard, you can press “Windows logo”.key or R together to invoke the run box.
• After that type services.msc and tap on the “ok”
• And scroll down and make double click on “WLAN AutoConfig”
• After that you can set the Startup type to Automatic and then service status which is running and then go to apply then move to save the changes “ok”.
• Now, connect your dell to the Wi-Fi and then check whether it works or not.
• Despite making all these efforts, the problem still persists, go to the next step.

Step 4: Incompatible Applications Needs To Be Uninstalled:

Many a time, it has been noticed due to applications, dell develops Wi-Fi issues. In this situation, the dell users must uninstall those apps which create this issue so they can fix it easily. Steps to help you uninstall incompatible applications.

• By using your keyboard, you should press the Windows logo key or R together to invoke the run box.
• After that you should type appwiz.cpl and then click on “ok”.
• Thereafter, you will access the programs & feature list and then select the application that you intend to uninstall.
• Click on “yes” in order to verify UAC.
• You will be asked to follow the on-screen instruction to uninstall the app.
• Soon after, restart your dell and then connect to the Wi-Fi.

Step 5: Connect Your Dell Manually To A Wi-Fi Network:

As all the above-given methods get failed, you should connect your laptop manually to the Wi-Fi network to fix internet connectivity issue with dell laptop. Follow the given steps below that will help you out.

• Move to the desktop and find the search box to type the control panel and then tap on the control panel in the result.
• Chose whether view by small icons or view by large icons and then tap on network and sharing center.
• Tap on either on new setup a new connection or network.
• And then choose manually connect to a Wi-Fi network and then click on “next”
• Provide the information which it needs and then click on “next”
• In order to finish the process, you should follow the information which is available on the onscreen.
• After that restart your dell and connect to the wireless network. Hopefully, the problem has been resolved.


To fix internet connectivity issue with dell laptop is possible by way of going through this post with ease but it is time-consuming as well as checking the patience of the users. Sometimes it proves to be a tedious process to follow. Despite applying all the tricks, the problem still is unresolved; you can coordinate with the experts remotely.


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