360 Analysis Of AOL Desktop Gold And How To Install It

AOL, which means the America Online portal, on the list of most sought-after email world, is used across the globe for communication and used to be free for its users. Therefore, it got successful to attract a more number of users across the world. In order to take this portal to the next level, AOL Company has launched a new desk-top browser which is known as AOL desktop gold. In order to get to know about AOL Customer Service Phone Number desktop gold, you can go ahead to read this blog.

What Is The Difference Between Free AOL Desktop Software And AOL Desktop Gold?

AOL desktop, which is used to be enabled with the instant manager feature, but in 2017, it has been shuttered down by the company completely for all users. Before taking this step, the company sent a notification to its users to upgrade AOL desktop into AOL desktop gold. So, they can continue this service in the future. AOL Desktop Gold does not cost a fortune rather is quite affordable for them, can be entertained at the price of $3.99 per month. Apart from the instant manager, many other features have been added to it, for instance, the security of content which is used by you in the form of web-browsing, mailing, other content, and so on, and it provides unfailing security of your devices as well as data or under this price, the subscription of the software update is also included, in case of having any issue with AOL Desktop Gold, the tech support which is arranged by a company is ready to assist their customers 24/7. The exact reason has not been disclosed by the company to take this step. But still, the users of AOL can access their e-mail free via smartphones, tablets, and the web.

As a matter of fact, everything carries pros and cons in the same way this platform has. Despite using the best technology, once in a while, its users find it hard to fix the issue of AOL installation. Giving this issue into consideration, here are a few steps which help you to resolve the AOL Desktop Gold installation issue on your system, and it can be fixed within a few seconds.

• First and foremost, you must open the download folder on your system.
• After that, you must search the icon of “install AOL Desktop”
• And then right-click on the “setup file” and then run it as admin.
• In order to give the final touch, you must click on the “install now” button and then finish the browser installation.

AOL Gold Desktop Install

What To Do If Desktop Gold Installation Gets Failed?

Getting failed installation process of Desktop gold is not a strange thing for the users. It comes on the list of common issues which is encountered by the users. In order to overcome the AOL Desktop Gold installation issue, a few of the troubleshooting steps need to be followed by the users on their own which have been mentioned below.

Step 1: Fulfill The System Requirements And System Update
To get the best use of the AOL desktop gold, the users must go through the system requirement of this software cautiously. If the system is lagging in it, you should update your system. Therefore, you must go through the required list in terms of system requirements which have been mentioned below.
• System should be enabled with one 1GB RAM
• Screen resolution will be 1024 x 768
• 266 MHz High-speed processor
• You can use either Windows7 or higher OS.

Step 2: Reboot Your Computer To Enhance The Speed
RAM should not be overburdened and all the junk and unwanted files must be cleared from your system. If your system is not free from unnecessary data files or too many temporarys’, it can slow down your system and irritate you. as a last resort, you must reboot your system to enhance the smoothness of the system.

AOL Desktop Gold Feature

Step 3: Examine The Internet Connection
The AOL desktop Gold installation can be failed if the strength of the signal is low and keeps fluctuating. Ensure that you must check the speed of the internet which should be stable, if not you must contact the service provider with a view to upgrading your internet plan.


AOL Gold Desktop is one of the latest desktop browsers which have been launched to make it robust. So, the users of AOL can use it in a safe manner. If they have any issues, they can contact the experts who can help them as soon as possible.


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