How to install Norton Identity Safe Toolbar on Windows Computer

How to install Norton Identity Safe Toolbar on Windows Computer


The Norton Identity Safe Toolbar is usually being installed on your computer along with many other products or Norton such as the Norton Antivirus, Norton Identity Safe, Norton Security, Norton 360 and Norton Internet Security. However, it would not be installed by default in some of the web browsers. In such a situation, you will have to think about visiting the respective web store in order to install the toolbar. Here is a list of steps that you need to follow in order to install the Norton Identity Safe Toolbar on your Windows computer. If you find it difficult, we would suggest you to call Norton Customer Service Phone Number and talk to a human who can guide you.

First of all, you will have to update the Norton product that you have in your computer to the latest version. By visiting the Norton Update Center, you can easily get hold of the latest version. However, you will only be able to follow this method if you have an active subscription. Or else, you will need to check it with your service provider.

Norton Identity Safe Toolbar

As the second step, you should run the Live Update by starting your Norton product. It can be accessed from the main window. If you have downloaded Identity Safe Toolbar from the official website, you can go to settings and select “Check for updates”. At the end of the update, you will be able to see a message, which claims that your Norton product has the latest updates. When you see this message, you will have to exit all the running programs and restart your computer.

As the last step, you can go ahead and enable the Norton Identity Safe Toolbar in your internet browser. To begin the installation process, you can go ahead and start the Norton product that you have installed. If you see a popup mentioning about the toolbar, you can follow the instructions provided to end the installation process. But if you don’t see the popup, you can simply go ahead and follow the below mentioned instructions.

In the Norton Product you have launched, you should go to Settings. Then you will have to scroll to Detailed Settings and select Identity Safety. When you are at Identity Safety, you will be able to see a Configure button. You will have to click on that Configure button. Then you will be provided with the Norton Identity Safe window. Towards the bottom of this window, you will be able to see the Settings Icon. You should click on it.

In the settings panel, you will be able to see the compatible web browsers, which include Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. You will have to select your web browser out of them and follow all on-screen instructions that are provided to you. If you are interested in getting hold of all the features offered, such as password management and complete web protection, you should think about adding all the extensions.

By following the above mentioned steps, you will get the opportunity to install Identity Safe Toolbar with minimum hassle.

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