How To Download And Install AVG On Windows 10 And MacOS

AVG antivirus is subsidiary security software of the Avast, developed by it, is enabled with the latest features that can keep your windows, mac, and android free from viruses like malware, spyware, ransomware, and other nasty viruses. Being award-winning security software, it comes on the list of renowned antivirus like McAfee, Norton, Kaspersky, and so on. With respect to this antivirus, everything has been executed in the easiest way so its users will not find any sort of difficult to download and install AVG antivirus on Windows 10 and macOS, given that this post is dedicated to providing its user’s complete details of its ins and outs. Besides it, you have any other tech issue; you can utilize this link to resolve your problem.

The good thing about this antivirus is that it is available in both ways free and paid. If the tech users want to use the free version of this antivirus, they have to make a compromise with a few features that are not available with the free version of this antivirus. But the free version of AVG is second to none as compared to its contemporary competitors including many features, for instance, real-time security update, scans for PC performance issues, prevents from malicious links and email attachments or downloads, all types of malware, and viruses are kept at bay from your devices.

How To Download And Install AVG Antivirus On Windows 10?

In order to download and install AVG antivirus on Windows 10 device, you are supposed to follow the following steps that can be accomplished this task within a couple of minutes. To begin with, open your favorite browser, then in the search bar type the AVG Customer Service of AVG or to

• After that, you will find two options on your screen-free download or buy now.
• After choosing the free download click on it.
• Downloaded file of antivirus will be saved in your system to your desired location or it will be in downloaded files.
• After that, you will find the downloaded file avg_antivirus_free_setup_exe and right-click on it then click on” Run”.
• On the screen of your system, you will find the two options to click either “Yes” or “No”, you will ignore the No option and click on Yes.
• Thus, give them time to complete the downloading process.
• As the AVG file is downloaded, proceed to install, and there, you will find two options again if you wish to make changes to the default setup, click on the “customize” otherwise you can untick the box if you don’t want to install AVG antivirus on windows 10 secure browser.
• Wait unless AVG antivirus file is set up on your PC.
• The click on “Continue”
• After that click on the “Continue with free”.
• After that you will be asked to click on Run First Scan to examine your PC for viruses, like malware, and many more issues.
• Finally, AVG antivirus free is installed on your Windows 10, in order to get the best use of all the components; you must restart your PC.

Hopefully, by way of applying the above-given steps, you will be able to download and install AVG antivirus on windows 10 without paying.



How To Download And Install AVG Antivirus Free On MacOS?

If you are a Mac user, the other steps need to be followed by you which are provided below.

• To begin with going towards your favorite browser, and type the official URL of AVG antivirus, and then you will find download the AVG antivirus setup file then save the download file on your Mac or you will find this file in the Downloads folder.
• Make double-click the downloaded setup file avg_mac_security_online.dmg.
• Soon after, you double-click the install AVG antivirus icon.
• Click on the “allow”.
• Click on the “Continue”.
• After that, click on the “Continue” to confirm after going through all the terms and conditions with regard to AVG antivirus software, then click on “agree”.
• Proceed to click on the “install” with the default installation, if you want to make changes to the default setup, you must click on “change the install location” or customize.
• Having two options and either of them can be utilized by you, using either touch ID to authorize installation or click on the “use password” and type the password that you use which you start your Mac, now you can click on “install software”.
• To alter the system certificate, you can use either of the options like use your touch ID or use password and click on” update settings.”
• As soon as the system extension is blocked, you will find a notification with the name OK to click.
• Soon after, click on “close”
• You will click on “fix all” in order to open the AVG setup wizard.
• By following the on-screen instructions to allow permission for AVG antivirus.
• The provided steps will help you download and install AVG antivirus software on your Mac.


To download and install AVG on Windows 10 and macOS does not seem to be a difficult task for the tech-savvy that can be accomplished within a couple of minutes if they read this article carefully. However, if you find any difficulty with respect to it, they can get support from experts remotely.


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