Learn How To Solve AOL Error Code 212 In Simple Steps

AOL mail service is one of the most sought-after mail service providers in this digital era, and it comes with unlimited features for its customers. However, shortcomings of AOL cannot be denied which are encountered by its users once in a blue moon. AOL Error code 212 is one of them, which comes while sending mails via messenger to the users from the AOL desktop gold user account. If your system receives this error, then the first message that appears on your screen is “sorry for the annoyance”. In general, this error can be fixed with the help of easy troubleshooting steps. If the users find AOL code error 212 hard to deal then they can make contact to AOL Mail Phone Number, who can help you out to resolve the glitch in no time.

Symptoms Of AOL Code Error 212

In order to get a solution to any error, the users must be aware of its symptoms so that if it occurs in the future, you can resolve it in the budding stage.

• The “sorry for the annoyance” keeps visiting on the screen of your system very often.

• The window starts behaving in an absurd manner moreover gets sluggish.

• Mouse and keyboard become incompatible with the system if it is the host of this error.

• System starts hanging more frequently it used to be.

Causative Factors Of AOL Error Code 212

Several reasons are responsible for the occurrence of this error, and a few of them are given below, which are going to help you out to fix this error effortlessly.

• Corrupted window registry files can be one of the causes that can generate this issue.

• Incomplete and inappropriate installation of AOL instant messenger on your system leads to this glitch.

• In this digital world, viruses, malware, or cyber attackers can take your system to this error with ease. In most of cases, these things are found to be the main cause nowadays.

• Inadvertent or deliberate removal of files can be the cause of this problem too.


Fix AOL Error Code 212


Steps To Resolve AOL Error Code 212

The steps which can be used to fix this glitch are given. Thus, the users can overcome this issue with ease.

• Outdated drivers are the drivers of your system that are not compatible with the system, this can generate this issue. In this situation, the drivers must be updated so that the issue can be resolved.

• Window registry files are dealing with window registry single-handedly for the first time is not something which is suggested as committing one single error means back to square one. So you must take the help of one who is versed in taking care of these sorts of issues.

• Scan your system completely that is make sure your system is free of viruses, malware, or any other malicious actor. You can accomplish this task using any software or tool.

• Get rid of junk files or programs so all the devices are connected to the internet that creates so much junk like cookies, junk files, and so on in your system unintentionally. With the help of the disk clean up all the junk files must be cleaned.

• Close conflicting programs are the issue is also generated due to conflicting programs. For the purpose of fixing this issue, all of the programs which are conflicting need to be identified and closed as soon as possible.

Here Are A Few Steps To Close Conflicting File

1. The first thing which you need to do is to open the task manager. With the help of clicking the Ctrl-Alt-Del altogether and it will take you to the list of programs that are running presently in your system.

2. The conflicting program needs to be tabbed and stopped one at a time, and highlight them later on, click on the end process button.

3. After closing one program you need to observe if this error still remains, and if vanished you can discontinue this process of closing files.


This article is enabled with enough information that can help you out to fix AOL Code Error 212. If you fail to resolve this issue after reading this post, you can make a contact with the experts who are ready to help you fix this issue without difficulty.

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