Learn How To Fix AOL Mail Not Receiving Emails Problem

AOL stands for American Online which is based in New York City, is formerly renowned as AOL lnc. AOL is one of the most sophisticated online service providers and web portals. AOL comes in the online field with endless features for instance news updates, AIM chat, AOL mail, and many more under one roof. The application of AOL provides its users the most ease, the reason for saying, is it free as well as user- friendly. Despite coming with all the latest features, it is not fair to say that it is without issues. It also comes with plenty of issues.

One of the most common issues that can be faced by its users is AOL Email not receiving. Usually, AOL mail services are highly recommended, but once in a blue moon, its users have to face this issue.

AOL can keep spammers at bay with the help of tracking spam technology. The same content is blocked by AOL if it is received every now and then by its users. Such kind of content cannot reach the users’ inboxes because the content is filtered by AOL. It means the data is in safe hands.

Many other reasons are here for AOL Email not receiving like incorrect settings and email server problems. Regarding email server problems, users have nothing in their hands except do manual changes. It is not a herculean task to do, for resolving this issue; you can connect with AOL Mail Customer Service Number with an expert. By way of following steps, this issue can be sorted out with no trouble.

Reasons For Not Receiving My AOL Mails

There are multiple reasons behind this issue for AOL Email not receiving, and some of them are given below to be followed by its users.

• Sometimes, mail may reach the spam folder.
• Possibly, you blocked senders.
• Lack of coordination between server and clients.
• Server can be a bottleneck between the receiver and the sender.
• Once in a while, a server glitch can appear.

If still, users are making complain regarding AOL Email not receiving, there may be other reasons to consider as well for this issue.

What To Do When I Don’t Receive AOL Mails?

In case you are not getting your AOL mails, firstly you must check out your server strength. If the server’s strength is not good, wait for 10 minutes. If a server is not an issue behind this problem, you can make up your mind to do other things.

Examine Email Filters

AOL Email not receiving from Gmail or another search engine. It may be due to a slow server or it may be on account of certain filters which are used to protect your online identity and do not allow your device under attack. Moreover, it gives online protection by way of filtering all content that comes to your AOL mails. For the purpose of fixing this issue, you must abide by these steps which can be handy.

• Go to sign in to your AOL account with the required information.
• Take your cursor to the account setting to select the filter settings.
• Check carefully any email filter you have applied earlier on the list.
• As soon as you find filters, go to delete them, thus you will be in a position to receive emails now.

AOL Mail Not Receiving


Study About Delivery Delays

In very rare cases, you are unable to AOL Email not receiving due to delivery delays. In the context of this problem, you are left with no choice except to wait. Such problems usually are created by heavy traffic or poor network connections, and once in a while routing issues. You stop being fret about this issue. As soon as this problem comes into existence, there is no need to be anxious wait until it gets solved or you may convince the sender to send it one more time.

Go Through Junk Folders

• Occasionally, in order to misuse data, few emails are forwarded to the junk folders. So that, the data cannot be misused by someone else, if you don’t like to have your mails into junk folders, you are supposed to abide by these steps to avert your mails to the spam folder.
• Check carefully any email filter you have applied earlier on the list.
• As soon as you find filter, go to delete them, thus you will be in a position to receive emails now.
• Check the box next the emails that ensure you are not spams.
• Go to select button that is available with name “not spam”
• Thus, your AOL emails will be not sent into spam box and nor will be into folder. Thus, you can overcome this without making tough efforts.


The issue of AOL Email not receiving can be resolved by way of following the above-given steps. This article is enough with information to guide to fix this issue without putting an extra effort. However, you come across a problem to fix this issue; you can coordinate with those people who provide assistance remotely to its customers.


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