Find Solutions The Fatal Error In Kaspersky On Windows 10

Providing protection to our devices has been essential against malicious websites and online threats in this tech era. Keeping devices without giving protection is beyond our imagination because online threats are ubiquitous as we connect our devices to the internet. In order to save devices, Kaspersky is one of the best available options for us to use, but a few of the technical glitches encountered by its users recently, Taking Find methods the fatal error in Kaspersky on windows 10 seriously, this post comes with a complete solution which is given below. Kaspersky security creates technical glitches while installing on windows 10. In order to fix this issue, you must go through Kaspersky Customer Service.

Solutions The Fatal Error In Kaspersky On Windows 10

In order to go into the depth of this error, you will find many causes that create a fatal error in Kaspersky on windows 10, and some of them are provided below.

• The internet can be one of the causes of this error as well. In case of being an available weak signal, Kaspersky cannot be downloaded on your device completely.
• The drivers of a device in your system should be updated in order to avoid facing this error, otherwise, you will be unable to install this software on your system completely.
• Many a time, registry entries can be one of the reasons to produce this error on your system. if registry entries are corrupted, the installation process of Kaspersky cannot be executed on your device.

Kaspersky Error

How To Resolve Fatal Error In Kaspersky On Windows 10?

This fatal error in kaspersky on windows 10 can be generated due to many reasons, such as unsuccessful registration of windows registries; misplaced configuration data, improper backups, and so on. In order to resolve this issue, here are a few of the solutions.

Methods To Troubleshoot Fatal Error In Kaspersky On Windows:

Method 1: Install Other Antivirus Which Is Already Downloaded On Your System.

• In order to select the control panel one should move to the start menu.
• After that, you will move to the program category to uninstall a program.
• Soon after, antivirus program needs to be selected by you which you intent to remove after that selects uninstall.
• After that, you should start your computer again.

Method 2: To Fix This Fatal Error To Run SFC Command This Is Found In Powershell.

• As you click on a start button you will find the search bar and type the cmd command.
• After making the right-click on cmd.exe and then move to select run as administrator.
• As you find the user account you need to tap on yes.
• As the flashing cursor starts appearing, you must type SFC/scannow after that press on “enter key”.
• If fatal error in kaspersky still persists, you should move to the next Method.

Method 3: To Move To The Default Settings To Reset Host Files.

• To begin with opening the notepad.
• Suing Cortana to search notepad icon and to tap.
• During the next step, before pasting the files you should copy the following text.
• Now, to reach the file menu in order to select save as soon after you will give the command Hosts in the file name box after that save it on the desktop.
• After that, it is time to close the notepad.
• Using Cortana, you have to find %WinDir%\System32\Drivers\Etc and select your icon of the file folder.
• After that, you should make a right-click on the hosts file then go to select rename which you should rename with the name of hosts.
• During the next step, you should copy and go to the hosts file which you generated during the before given step from your desktop %WinDir%\System32\Drivers\Etc folder.
• If you want to continue the further process provide an administrator password.

Method 4: Examine The Remaining Registry Key To Fix This Issue.

• In order to open run the run dialog box, you must give command Win+R keys on a keyboard.
• After that you type reggedit and then press enter.
• Move to the registry editor window after that you should navigate the following link HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
• After that you will asked to extract the folder Run and find a registry key which is known as avp** _post_uninstall.
• Right click on the above-provided key after that move to select and delete.
• To examine the issue if it is still on your system, go to the further process.

avp file error

Method 5: Find The Location Of the Pointing Junction.

• To start with opening the app window.
• Move to the location according to your country in a drop-down list after that to select and then connect from there.
• In order to intend to get an application after that select the required country to connect, thereafter you must select the automation option.

Method 6: To Fix Machine Specific Issue.

• To resolve this issue, you must run a virus scan.
• Also think of updating your software.
• Cutting down the bloat can be an ideal way to resolve this issue.
• Check your Wi-Fi connection.
• You can also re-install the operating system as well.

Method 7: To Fix App-Specific Error.

• To begin with download the installer from the official website of Kaspersky.
• After that, remove the app.
• With the help of kavremover tool, you can uninstall the app.
• After that, restart your computer.
• Thereafter, run the installer.
• You should start the application.


The above-given solutions are enough information to fix fatal error in kaspersky on windows 10 with ease. However, this issue has not been resolved so far, you can get the help of experts who are available all the time and your problem will be resolved in no time.



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