How To Enable Or Disable Trend Micro Security Antivirus

When it comes to providing security to the devices against online threats, no other names come to our mind except trend micro which is enabled with sophisticated technology that can close the doors for viruses. By way of using this technology, its users can get rid of online harmful elements with ease. The scanning and browsing process is worth appreciating which do not take a long time and can keep all sorts of harmful element at bay. On account of these reasons, more and more people are looking forward to subscribing to this software globally. Sometimes, it has been noticed that its users find it hard to access this software, if you are one of them, you are at the right place to seek the right process in this post that will help you to enable or disable trend micro security antivirus. Apart from this, if you find any other issue in trend micro, you can get a solution using trend micro customer service.

In order to enable or disable trend micro security antivirus on your devices, the following steps which are given below will help.

Steps To Help You Enable Trend Micro Security Software

• To begin with, go to the official website of trend micro security software and download its support tool from there.
• Make a right-click on after that select “extract here”, as soon as the extraction gets over a new title supportTool.bat appears on your screen.
• Make a right-click on the appeared file after that select “run as administrator”.
• As the user account a window appears on the screen, click on the “yes” button.
• Move to uninstall tab on the diagnostic toolkit window and then tap on “4. start all components”.
• Thus, enabling the process of trend micro software is done.

Method 1: To Disable Trend Micro Security Using The System Tray

If you execute the below-given steps that will help you disable trend micro security with ease.

• At the bottom right side of the screen of your system to make right-click on the trend micro icon in the system tray.
• As you find the appeared options, tap on exit.
• Now, wait unless the icon gets disappeared, as soon as it disappears, the trend micro gets disabled.


Method 2: Disable Micro Trend By Suing Diagnostic Toolkit

In order to use the diagnostic toolkit, one must try to follow the given steps.

• To start with making a right-click “support toll zip file” to download after that tap on “extract here”.
• As the extraction is done, you will find a new file name support Tool.bat.
• After that, you will make a right-click on the new file, in this situation, you do not need to hit the “run as admin” button.
• And then you will find the user account control window, you will have the option of, yes to select or continue.
• Now, move to the uninstall tab and then click on it.
• To stop all components are available on the diagnostic Toolkit window.
• As the icon disappeared, trend micro will get enabled.

These dedicated steps are used by technocrats to enable or disable trend micro security antivirus. In order to perform this act, users do not need any sort of help from technicians; rather they can do it on their own.


By going through this post has covered all the details in the easiest way that will help you enable or disable trend micro security antivirus on your system. Even though going through this post till the end, you find an issue; you can get support from experts who will help you remotely.

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