How Email Spoofing Can Affect AOL Mail And Prevention

AOL can be used for several purposes by its users like receiving and sending emails, latest information updates about what is happening around the world in the field of politics, business, sports, and many more. But there are many negative aspects which can be found in it. One of the most infamous issues is email spoofing can affect AOL mail. This article comes with all suggestions to avoid being victims of spoofing. If your account is spoofed, then AOL Customer Service will help you a lot to fix this error.

Spoofing is a very common thing that AOL users face every now and then. It is one of the many ways used to infect your account and system by way of sending emails to your account. However these mails are unsolicited and unauthentic yet users feel convinced in opening up, checking, and replying to these mails only because the address used in the “from” field is familiar to you, as expected every other person opens mails without a second thought.

Distinction Between Hacked And Spoofed

Being Hacked mean someone has complete access and control to your email account and all the important information available in it. But being spoofed mean an email has been sent to another person with your address in the “from” field but in actual it was not sent from your account. Here in the case of spoofing, there is a possibility your account has not been accessed by a malicious actor.

Your sent folder can make you learn whether your account has been spoofed or hacked.

• Sent folder of spoofed account would not contain any strange email.
• Sent folder of compromised account would contain emails not sent by you.

Symptoms Of Spoofed Account

There are many symptoms are given below that can guide you to identify that your account has been spoofed. Users must be careful in terms of any link which is sent by someone to access their account. So without thinking or reading, don’t click on it. Otherwise, something is going to happen with your account.

• Your contacts are receiving emails from your address however, in your sent box, there is no such email.
• You would receive spam emails from your own email address.
• Likelihood of receiving MAILER-DAEMON messages which were never sent by you.

As soon as you come to know about your account that is spoofed, you must make a complaint under the name of spam.


How Email Spoofed Can Affect

Keep Your Account Save

Although there is no exclusively formulated way to prevent your account from being spoofed, some general precaution-cum-ways are available to secure your account.

• Make sure your device is stalled with reliable antivirus software, if not, install it right away.
• Educate yourself on how to defend yourself online by visiting our safety and security page.
• Change your password from time to time and make sure your password is strong enough that can’t be cracked easily.

What Measures Has AOL Adopted to Prevent Spoofing?

As online security has been a pressing concern nowadays hence AOL can’t bear showing laxity in this matter. Updating our DMARC policy is a step in this direction as it checks the authenticity of mail by way of discarding mails having AOL addresses but received from non-AOL servers.

Many genuine email spoofing can affect AOL mail is also received via non-AOL servers but spammers make more of this route than legitimate senders. By adopting the AOL Mail policy, users can give a potential blow to the scammers’ attempt at spoofing.


AOL is a very reliable and trusted web portal and online service provider. But cyber-threats like email spoofing can affect AOL mail and hacking can’t be ignored. This article will help you in dealing with these email spoofing can affect AOL mail effectively. Even after reading this article if readers find themselves helpless they can contact the technical support team present around the clock to help you in solving the issues.

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