Complete Solution Of E-Mail Issues Faced By AOL Users

AOL is one of the most reliable platforms for emails around the world. It is enabled with an easy interface with high-end technology which keeps us safe from the attack of spyware, malware, ransomware, and etc. despite being so robust, e-mail issues faced by AOL users. If you want to find the solution to this issue, you are at the right place, but go through this article patiently. Apart from this issue if you find another technical glitch with AOL, You can use AOL Mail Customer Service to fix it.

Find Out The Causes If AOL E-Mail Not Working

E-mail issues faced by AOL users can be due to numerous reasons. In order to find the solution, AOL users must know the causes of this issue so that it can help them to understand it. Here are a few of the causes which are given below.

E-Mail Issues Faced By AOL Users On Android

Solution of e-mail issues faced by AOL users on Android devices. This issue can be fixed by its users by following the given steps.

• Start with opening mail on an Android device, and provide your login credentials, and then open incoming and outgoing settings.
• You must select the “manual setup” option.
• Move to the settings option to click on “IMAP” and provide the required data and then enter “” and move to the fort field to type”143”.
• After that click on the “next” and go to SMTP references.
• During the next step, move to the SMTP server option to enter “SMTP.AOL. com” and enter “587” in the port field.
• You must save the AOL mail configuration and then close the application.

E-Mail Issues Faced By AOL Users On Ipad

If you encounter AOL e-mail issues, you should follow a few steps which are mentioned below.

• Move to the settings of iPad and find the mail, contact, and calendar option.
• After that select the AOL email account and go through the e-mail address that you have entered in the given field.
• And find the in the host field, if you did not enter the same without quotes.
• And touch the SMTP option, and the primary server reads this way like “” and sees if the server is switched on.
• After that move back to the home screen of the iPad, and see if your AOL e-mail issue has been resolved.

E-Mail Issues Faced By AOL Users On iPhone

If you find it hard to use AOL e-mail on your iPhone, just you need to follow the given steps.

• At first swipe the screen of the iPhone, and access the control panel of AOL, and then toggle the airplane icon in order to switch it on.
• After that, turn off the airplane mode and find if you are able to receive AOL mail. If the issue still exists, you can move into the next step.
• Move to the settings and reach to the general options, and select the “reset” option, and navigate to the network settings and then select it. To check the email issue that you are able to receive your mail.
• If the AOL e-mail issue has been fixed, you will remove the AOL e-mail account from iPhone, and re-add it. Then move to the “settings” and then “open” password and account.
• And access the list of the accounts, and select the AOL account from the list, after that click on the “delete account option”.
• Now, go back to the settings, and the password& account after that select the “add account “option.
• After that log into AOL mail account, after that you can find e-mail on iPhone.



E-Mail Issues Faced By AOL Users On Mac

AOL users have faced many issues on Mac that can be fixed by its users easily, just you need to follow a few of the steps.

• You should go to the application menu and click on the menu icon and then select the windows option.
• Access the menu to select connection doctor, and on the next page, you can see the status of the connection doctor.
• In case of getting a red signal which is considered a warning, it means you are not connected to the internet.
• If you do not receive an email, you can go to the account menu, and move to the advanced tab, and uncheck the box just next to the “Use SSL” options menu.
• After that tap on the user account information as well as settings of the mail server. You can change the information if it needs.
• Tap on the inbox option, after that set up the AOL account option to refresh the mailbox option.
• And then you should restart the Mac system, and find the AOL issue has been fixed.
• If this issue has not been fixed, you can uninstall and reinstall the AOL mail app.

What Is Black Error I AOL Mail?

The black error I AOL Mail does not let its users sign in, thus it has been very important to fix this error as early as possible, but you need to abide by a few steps:

• Move to the browsers’ security settings to check, and make sure that one “enable the protected mode” for the browser.
• You should ensure to add AOL to the authentic site on the browser therefore you can access it easily.


E-mail issues faced by AOL users can be fixed by way of going through this article with ease. If you find unable to troubleshoot this error, you can coordinate with the experts remotely.


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