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Dell ensures that different individuals in all countries actualize their dream using high end technology. Dell Printers are highly trusted in offering technology solutions that will help users in achieving their desired goals. One of Dell technology products made in line to deliver their technology services is the Dell printers. Dell offers strong and reliable printers to help manage your office and home jobs and done quickly. These products are backed by great Dell Printer Customer Service Phone Number to assist you with any kind of issues and problems. There are a variety of Dell products which include but not limited Dell inkjet printers and Dell laser printers. There are videos that provide a comprehensive step by step guide on how to use any of the Dell printers. After the purchase of the Dell printers, you can download the software and drivers on the Dell Printers page on the Dell website.

Dell provides a guide availing you with information and support to start using Dell printers quick and easy. In order to get support from the Dell Printer Customer Service team of this product, follow these steps.

  • You should visit using a PC or a mobile device.
  • At the homepage click on the “Support" option.
  • At the next page, there is box provided for you to input the product e.g. Dell Printer.
  • After input click “Submit”.

You can click on the result page of the product after searching on the homepage. Click on the product support at the top of the page after which you will be directed to a support page. At the bottom of the homepage, you can click contact to arrive at the page where you can start a live chat with a Customer Service team. You will also find local and toll free phone number to get faster support from Support team.

Dell Printer Customer Service

Common Dell Printer Problems and Solutions

There are ranges of often occurring problems that can disrupt the functioning of a Dell Printer. The best way to resolve these problems is to contact Customer Service team on Dell Printer Phone Number which is available in all countries where Dell Printers are sold. You can always browse the official website to get the correct phone number according to your county of residence. Always try to find the toll free phone number of your local country as other international number might cost you.

Low or Empty Ink Cartridges

If ink level appears to be low or empty, there is no need to worry as the Dell printers are programmed to warn you before the ink get really low. Minimize the dialog box and

  • Click on start on the windows menu
  • Select printers and faxes
  • Select your Dell Printer
  • Click the file in the top right corner
  • Select printing preferences from the pull-down menu
  • Select the Advanced Options Tab
  • Click on “More Options”
  • Select either “Never Display the print status" or “Display the print status minimized in taskbar".
  • Press OK and close windows

Dell Printer Unable to Print

This is one of the most common issues encountered with Dell printers by users. If there is no message directing you to the problem, inspect the printer and see if the printer is still connected via the Ethernet and USB cable. If it is wireless check if the Wi-Fi is still enabled and connected to the appropriate network. Sometimes the driver of the Dell Printer can become damaged and needs to be reinstalled. Go to Dell printer download page and download the appropriate driver for your printer. If the problem persists, contact Dell Printer Customer Service Number immediately to get help from a Dell Printer expert.

Low Print Quality

There are times when users complain about issues with the printing quality. The problem could because of dirt in the printer, the quality of paper being used, and using non-compatible, low or improper toner. Make sure that the paper used is compatible with the Dell Printer. Ensure that the paper is not moist or rough. Clean the transfer roller to eliminate dirt that can generate such problem. Check the toner and see if there are leaks. Fix leakages and clean the interior of the Dell Printer thoroughly. Replacing the cartridge might also help you to overcome this problem.

Slow Printing Speed

Different printers offer unique printing speeds. LaserJet printers print faster than inkjet printers. However, slow printing can be caused by many reasons. Wrong installation of cartridges, nozzle issues can be the causes of slow printing. Ensure the cartridge is properly installed; the print head is well aligned. You can check if the network connection is still enabled. Refresh and wait for the Dell Printer to connect to the network. The problem could be caused by the USB cable used if the printer is connected to a computer using a USB cable. Use another USB cable.

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