What To Do To Delete AOL Email Permanently In Easy Steps

AOL stands for America Online is an email platform that is utilized by millions of users across the world. It is enabled with multiple features that can be used for many purposes by its users. The major use of this platform is done for communication protectively because it does not give access to the third eyes which are keen to steal your data to get monetary benefits. Owing to its invincible security, the number of users of this platform is increasing by leaps and bounds. But superfluous mails create problems to organize your account. In this situation, it becomes necessary to come out of this mess. Getting rid of emails is a time-consuming and boring task for the users. The AOL platform allows its user to Delete AOL Email Permanently From your email account. Many AOL users find it hard to delete emails from AOL, and they can either visit AOL Customer Service Phone Number or go through this post which can help them a lot.

In Order To Delete AOL Email Permanently, Follow The Given Steps

Step 1: First and foremost, you must log in to your AOL mail account to delete AOL email.

Step 2: During the next step, it is advisable to press and hold the “Ctrl” key after that you can tap on all the emails which you wish to delete, it is only for deleting no consecutive emails. If you intend to delete consecutive emails, you will be advised to press and hold the “shift” key and click the email which you wish to delete, and similarly, if you have the intention to delete the next emails, apply the same process to delete AOL email.

Step 3: In case of having the intention to delete the entire undesirable emails together, select all the emails between the first and last one.

Step 4: And then, you will find the “delete” button to click. To give your consent, click on “confirm”.

Step 5: The repetition of 2 or 3 steps is executed for deleting emails in bulk from the “saved on AOL” and then saved on My PC” folders.

Step 6: Thereafter, you will tap on the “mail” menu and then tap on “recently deleted mail” if you have the intention to clear mails in bulk from the “Recently Deleted” folder.

Step 7: If you wish to delete non-consecutive emails, press and hold the key “Ctrl” key. In case of deleting consecutive emails, press and hold the “shift” key, and then click on the email which you want to delete. The same process is done if you want to delete more emails in bulk, select the first one and last one.

Step 8: You must tap on the “permanently delete” button.


Reason Of Delete AOL Email

Reasons To Delete AOL Email Permanently

As we know that AOL is an online electronic portal that is used to communicate with other people. In general, messages are sent or received by one another. At some point, the users find a clutter of unwanted messages which need to be deleted. Here are a few more reasons to delete AOL email permanently that are given below.

• It can reduce clutter which is bound to happen by way of receiving so many unwanted messages.

• The space in the box can be reduced by deleting unlikable messages.

• The main purpose of delete AOL email permanently is to increase its productivity.


Delete AOL Email Permanently is necessary for the users to avoid the mess. Just you need to apply the above-given steps that can help you to overcome this mess. After making this effort if you have any issues, you can coordinate experts remotely.

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