Most Common Glitches Of Bitdefender And How To Fix Them

BitDefender is a leading online security tool that is enabled with bundles of advanced features and has an edge over its competitors. This antivirus offers unbeatable security to your devices and it does not let viruses breach the security of your system. Although, the users of BitDefender encounter a few technical complications which is bound to occur from time to time with all anti-viruses, and in this post, the users will learn how to resolve common glitches of bitdefender which appear while doing their work on their system. Here are the most common glitches of bitdefender are provided below along with their solutions at Bitdefender customer service phone number.

SSL Scanning Breaks Secure Sites And Apps

A conflict between Microsoft Outlook and BitDefender is one of the prime issues, and it often occurs due to SSL (secure socket layer) certificates. The email and the time management can be other reasons to create an issue. By putting a close look, it reveals that an issue which comes in less degree due to application and more degree has to do with SSL certificate. In case of having complication with SSL is to have unsigned certificate and other reason maybe its clock on the webserver or your local machine. Online games and websites can be a reason for this issue as well. An ideal way to sort out this issue is to disable BitDefender’s SSL feature.

How To Resolve SSL Scanning Break?

An ideal solution is to disable BitDefender’s scan SSL features, and for doing it, it needs to follow a few steps given below

•  First and foremost, you must open “BitDefender”.
•  And access to “features”
•  After that click “web protection”
•  Now, move to online threat under protection, and under this, you will find “settings” to click
•  Thereafter, click” SSL scan”
•  Soon after, the toggle button “turn off”
•  Thus, you can resolve this issue with ease.

PC Will Not Boot After Installing Bitdefender

The issue occurs when you download other security software on your system when you have already one installed in your system. In this situation, your system will develop a boot issue.

Solution Of PC Won’t Boot Issue

For the purpose of resolving common glitches of bitdefender, you must focus on removing all the traces of previous and current downloaded security software on your system. The two steps must be followed by you either reinstall the latest version of BitDefender security software on your computer or restore your system. Here is a solution to resolve this issue.


One Glitch BitDefenders


How To Uninstall Antivirus Security Tools?

• As a first step, you must restart your computer in the “safe mode”
• BitDefender must be uninstalled from your system.
• Move to “” thereafter “download” and then click “Remove and Reinstall” software.
• After that click “run” this tool.
• Now, you can restart your system.

Use Windows System Restores

•  You will be asked to restart your device in the “safe: mode”
•  Now the users should move to start “and then all programs after reach to system tool and then system restore. If you are a Mac user, you should press and hold the “command key” with “R” together.
•  After that, this action will open “system restore” along with “recovery” tools, and it can be implemented on both   Windows and Mac devices.
•  Now, the Windows users can move to select “Restore My Computer to an Earlier Time” and then click “next.”

Unable To Use Bitdefender Scan

In general, the BitDefender must scan your system completely to keep viruses or online threats away from your system. Owing to technical complications, the scan of your BitDefender will not work. The key reason for facing this issue is to download BitDefender which gets conflicted with the earlier one. In other words, if two antiviruses run at the same time on the same computer, this issue cannot be ignored which will be encountered by its users surely. It has the same process which we have explained above like uninstall both antiviruses.


Security Scan Glitch


Bitdefender Stops File Creation

BitDefender is enabled with such features that do not allow software and game to create or modify files on your computer. Such things occur due to pre-existing patterns to protect your computer from unauthorized access via malware infections.


You can allow permission to restrict games or software by superseding BitDefender’s security feature.
•  Rolling out the application of the BitDefender.
•  Now, move to the notification screen.
•  You are supposed to find the “application access blocked” option.
•  After click “view application” in order to find a list of all applications and software
•  You must find the software or application which creates a problem and then you can mark them as “block”, now click “slide beside” to allow.
•  Finally, you should close the BitDefender Window.


BitDefender antivirus security tool has a few of the shortcomings which are faced by its users but it can be resolved with the help of this post easily. However, if the users find it hard to resolve common glitches of bitdefender then they can get help from experts who are ready to provide assistance remotely.

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