What Is AOL Mail Error Code 118 And How To Resolve It

AOL comes with all sorts of cutting-edge technology in this digital era, and it is one of the leading online mailing platforms, millions of people have become its users. However, it is not free from technical glitches or code errors that can prevent its users from sending and receiving mail. AOL mail error code 118 is one of them that is encountered by its users. In general, this is generated due to windows of the system that can slow down the speed of the system and many more. This post will help its users to get rid of this issue with easy steps without taking much time.

AOL is one of the most sought-after mailing service providers. It comes with reliable technology in terms of providing safe and secured mailing services; moreover, it protects your privacy that can neither be revealed nor compromised by hackers or cyber attackers. Trespassers and lurking eyes cannot have access to your email account or online activity; because it creates a strong fence for cybercriminals who want to have control of your mail remotely. That is why; the users of this mailing platform are ready to encounter AOL mail error code 118 patiently and you can also concern with AOL Mail Phone Number.

Key Causes Of AOL Mail Error Code 118 At A Glance

The occurrence of AOL mail error code 118 is done due to many reasons, and some of the main causes are mentioned below.

• By mistakenly, the users deleted files.
• If the users installed or uninstalled incorrectly.
• PC is under attack of viruses, malware, and many more.
• The hard disk of this system is not compatible due to it has limited storage.

Steps To Fix AOL Error Code 118

This error can be resolved either manually or using a tool.

Solution 1: Manual Solution

These steps are dedicated to resolving this issue manually.

• Hit on the “computer” button which is on your desktop.
• In order to select the prosperities, make right-click on” Local Disk (C)”.
• Click on” Disk Cleanup” in the dialogue box.
• Use the Disk Cleanup to delete the file, check the box in front of that file.
• And click “ok”.
• The next step is to click on the “start” button and in the search type “device manager”
• As you find “other device” select it in the device manager window.
• The place where you want to save the driver, make right-click there. After that hit on “update driver software”.
• It will ask you to click on “browse” in the open windows and then select the needed drive.
• Move to click on “next” after that click on “close”.
• As a final step, you restart your computer after completing the process.

Solution 2: With The Help Of Using The Tool To AOL Error Code 118

• It is the first step to download the “AOL mail error code 118” repair tool.
• In order to open the “smart fixer” make a double click.
• As a next step click on the “scan &clean” tab.
• And then hit on the “scan” button.
• As you click on scan, the system will be scanned automatically.
• As soon as the completion of the scanning process is done, move to click on the “Fix All” button at the right corner of the window of your system.


The content or facts which have been explained aforementioned to fix the AOL mail error code 118 is very easy to do for the users. Despite all the above-given information, you are unable to resolve this issue; you can coordinate with the experts who are available around the clock to give technical assistance.


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