How To Fix AOL IMAP Is Not Working On Different Platforms

AOL is one of the most prominent email platforms used across the world because it is enabled with an easy interface. It can be used for many purposes but it has a few issues as well but AOL IMAP is not working on different platforms is one of the common issues faced by its users. At times, users find themselves helpless to resolve this issue. Taking this issue into consideration, this post is published all the ins and outs to help its users. Apart from it, if you come across other issues regarding AOL, you can utilize AOL Customer Service to fix your issue.


With the help of the AOL IMAP server, you can save your data on the server of your internet providers’ servers. By using IMAP Settings, you can access your email any time from any device without facing any difficulty and it helps you to keep your data updated. The good thing is that multiple users can access your account at the same time and a similar set of folders and messages will be present for every user. IMAP AOL server is faster than its contemporary like POP and it encourages its users to allow IMAP settings for their accounts. One can utilize a similar configured AOL email account on several devices or third-party email users.

Why Is AOL IMAP Is Not Working On Different Platforms?

AOL IMAP is not working on different platforms creates many technical glitches and a few of the common issues- messages cannot be loaded, refresh box generates pop with the message of AOL IMAP server error, etc. in order to receive new messages, you must try to resolve this issue as early as possible. By way of going through this article, you can find the solutions as well as causes which you face.

IMAP AOL Not Working

Causes Of AOL IMAP Is Not Working On Different Platforms

One cannot be the sole reason for this error, on the other hand, there are many causes behind this error, and a few of them are provided below to figure out this issue so that next time you can avoid encountering this issue.

• Many a time, it has been noticed that AOL IMAP server issue comes to light due to poor speed of the internet.
• Technical glitches can be one of the major issues.
• Due to overflowing incoming and outgoing traffic, AOL IMAP is not working on different platforms is encountered by its users.
• By proving wrong login credentials or email configuration creates this issue.
• Antivirus on your gadget can be one of the reasons for the problem.

IMAP AOL.COM Is Not Responding On Android

In order to find the solution of IMAP.AOL.COM is not responding, the Occurrence of this issue happens due to many reasons which are why there are many solutions which are given below. You must uninstall and reinstall the account. Many times, this issue occurs due to a change in settings or brim over of emails as well. For the main purpose of removing your account, you must reconfigure it to come out of this issue. Here are a few of the steps that will help you.

• Move to the settings of your android set,
• After that you open the settings and then move to the account and password.
• See the list of the email account; tap on AOL which has a technical glitch.
• Later on, click on the “red color button” to delete the accounts.
• Tap on the “back” button, then choose “main menu” and let your android phone be synchronized with new settings.
• Soon after you will be “settings” option to move back.
• And then you will be asked to click on “account and password” to open.
• Now, move to tap on “add account”
• You will find numerous email ID providers for instance Gmail, email, AOL, and many more, and pick that account that is creating an issue.
• After picking the email service provider that is having a problem, and type the user’s name and password.
• Last but not least, you should follow the onscreen instructions to set up your AOL e-mail account.

AOL Account Details Need To Be Updated

In case of being unable to access your AOL email account, and AOL IMAP is not working on different platforms. You must examine the account configuration settings. In order to avoid facing this error, make sure you should provide the correct information, and its address should be and its port contains the number “587” and its authentication needs to have contained “SSL”.

Log in details must be accurate otherwise you will face IMAP.AOL.COM is not responding issue and you will be unable to access your AOL account. You must be very careful while typing your details into your log-in account.

Most of the AOL users were seen complaining about AOL server issues due to using security programs. In order to face such a conundrum, the AOL program on your android must be disabled by you.

IMAP AOL Not Working

How To Troubleshoot IMAP.AOL.COM Is Not Responding Issue On iPhone?

For the purpose of getting a solution of IMAP.AOL.COM is not responding issue and its users will have many solutions to resolve this issue, and some of them are given below.

Examine The Internet Connection

If the internet connection is weak, your iPhone is bound to face IMAP.AOL.COM is not responding issue which can be overcome. It can also create several technical issues like loading. It can be resolved while taking near to the router.

Turn Off And On Airplane Mode

IMAP.AOL.COM is not responding issue is created by airplane mode therefore you should turn off airplane mode. If you want to enable airplane mode, you need to follow the steps.
• At first swipe the screen downwards, by opening the control panel.
• After that you must choose “airplane mode”
• Now, click on airplane mode.
• After waiting for a couple of minutes, then you can disable it.
• Lastly, in order to see the improvement to open the AOL app.

To Refresh AOL Inbox

If you are one of them to face IMAP.AOL.COM is not responding issue which can be done due to a bad internet connection or storage space issue. You must refresh your inbox, and it is one of the most leading steps taken by its users.

To Reinstallation of AOL Mail Account On Your iPhone

With the aim of reinstalling the AOL mail account on your iPhone, You must go through the below-given steps.
• At first, move to the “settings” of your iPhone.
• And then choose “mail, contacts, and calendars”.
• Pick “AOL email account”
• In order to reinstall the AOL account, you can tap on” settings” and then select calendar mail and contacts.
• Now, go to the “account” option.
• After that choose the “add account” option.
• In the list many email accounts are available, you must click on others after that enter your user name and password.
• And find the issue if it has been fixed.


The information which has been explained in this post will help you in how to overcome AOL IMAP is not working on different platforms. However you encounter any problem, you can coordinate with the experts who are ready to help you remotely.



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