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AOL is one of the oldest companies that you can find in the online world. It was originally known as America online, and then its name changed to AOL shortly after. They have been around since the 80s, so they are one of the main companies created even before the internet existed, which is quite baffling if you think about it. The interesting thing about AOL is that they are the pioneers of the internet and they created some of the first online services that people would be able to access at their own leisure from AOL Customer Service Phone Number. They initially offered dial up services to millions of people. They are also the world’s first e-mail portal. AOL also provided web portals, instant messaging and they even purchased Netscape to create their own web browser.

The thing that makes the AOL e-mail service amazing is that it has evolved for more than a decade. It continually adds new features, and the best part is that it listens to the audience and what it needs on AOL Customer Service Number. Most of the time stuff like this just doesn’t happen, and it ends up putting a lot of pressure and challenge. But in the end what really matters the most is that you can easily obtain all the results and benefits you want without that much of a hassle. It’s certainly a huge challenge to deal with a situation like this, and the best part is that an amazing service like this does provide some rewarding benefits due to that situation.

AOL Mail

AOL has always tried to improve and keep up with the times. And their messaging as well as e-mail service has tried to keep up with the times as much as possible. It’s definitely hard to do that in an online world that’s changing all the time. But it definitely shows that they work very hard to achieve the goals they wanted, and that on its own is just spectacular to say the least.

Using AOL is still popular nowadays. That’s because a lot of people didn’t migrate to Google or Yahoo when they wanted a good e-mail service. They still use this AOL Customer Service and the results are great in that situation all the time. Of course it does take a little while to use their service at its full potential, just because there are tons of things to get used to. But for the most part it’s a great opportunity and an enjoyable experience that you can check out again and again. If you still have an AOL e-mail, then it’s still active. They are known for not deleting dormant accounts, which is actually quite the good thing to have in a situation like this.

Common Problems with AOL Mail

My folder has messages I did not send

There are multiple situations that can lead to stuff like this. The first one is that your account might be compromised. Of course, there’s also the chance that you might have problems with sending or even composing an email at times. The benefit here is that you can secure the account and change your password to avoid any potential problems. Ideally you want to do that as soon as this issue appears, but you need to consider all the possible outcomes in this type of situation if you think about it.

I can’t sent any e-mail

The first thing you want to do is to stop worrying. You need to restart your computer. Sometimes the RAM memory will come up with issues, and that’s why it makes a lot of sense to restart the computer as that might help. If you want to keep using the same browser, do try and delete the cache and history or private data, depending on the process. We also recommend you to use a different browser, it might end up being a browser-specific problem that you are dealing with right now. Some of the other solutions include disabling the firewall for a little bit, disabling the pop up and ad blockers or checking the display name to see if it’s correct. Any of these can cause problems. AOL Customer Service could be of great help in such situations.

There are problems with images when sending an e-mail

If you see an image challenge question, complete the challenge and the message will be sent. Keep in mind that this might also show there are some account problems. You have to study the situation to figure out what causes the problem, otherwise there will be obvious issues that you can encounter. So, don’t hesitate and take your time as you see what really happens.

Recipients can’t see images

There are 2 fixes here. You can try to enable the rich text or HTML support if possible. You should consider starting this service as fast as possible if you want people to see your messages. You can enable that from the settings page. Also, there’s the option to send your image as an attachment. While it’s not the ultimate approach, it does make a lot of sense to do that. You can easily re-send an image as an attachment and the problem will be solved.

How to get support from AOL?

The first place you want to visit is As you can see from their page, AOL does have online customer care that can reply to any message in no time. You can also get a hold of them via live AOL Customer Service, which is a very good idea. Keep in mind that this service is only for the paid AOL members though.

You can also go with AOL social media support. Sending them a message via social media will bring in a reply in no time, and you should definitely consider checking that out if you can. In the end, AOL is an extraordinary service and one that has the potential to bring in front amazing benefits for you to enjoy. If you like the idea of using a professional mail service, then AOL is definitely one of the best. And it does have great support features too!

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Not receiving all new emails

Emilie little
Emilie little

Keeps saying my information is wrong I can’t send or receive emails

Marilyn kunins
Marilyn kunins

Is trashed my email and flag. Can you retrieve them

Joy Barnes
Joy Barnes

Hello, I want to erase two email addresses I no longer use

Joy Barnes
Joy Barnes

Somehow my hisband’sname appeared as onee of my e-mail address options together width mine. How do I remove it plus 2 others I don’t use any more?


My emails changed and list is very small and some words jumbled with next line. Don’t know where settings is.
On laptop

Linda j mcswain
Linda j mcswain

Cant open mp4 attachments on aol android tablet. Get blank:error


Hi my desktop AOL won’t load my mail an error message come up. Help

Sandra Ow
Sandra Ow

I was using AOL desktop for a very long time but all of the sudden it stopped working. I can’t do anything, it’s not even opening. Can you guys help me..


Remove and reinstall might help you in this case. Also try updating the AOL Desktop to the latest version.

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