Everything About Amazon Echo Than You Need To Know

Everything About Amazon Echo Than You Need To Know


Amazon Echo is also known and fondly called Echo by most of its users globally. It is the brand of smart speakers manufactured and sold by Amazon Technology Inc. Echo connects to the voice controlled intelligent personal assistant called Alexa. Alexa responds to its name when called out. Echo is capable to recognize voice interactions, playing audio books, and providing weather, traffic and other real-time information. Echo is the most famous and best selling product of Amazon. Echo was launched on Nov 6th 2014. Since then it has managed to be the most loved product of Amazon, with many success stories for itself. It has bagged the best selling product for decades.

Amazon’s sales have boosted because of this and is therefore always on the top list of products when it comes to multimedia devices. Amazon has worked hard to improvise the product features and has always made sure that they are available in the market. Amazon has managed to ensure customers get the best and latest in terms of technology. With these updates being rolled out for customers are able to enjoy all the features of the product.

Amazon Echo

It has become so famous and favorite among the masses that people have started calling and knowing it by the name of Fire rather than Kindle. Even though the feedback has always been over expectation based on its popularity there are few market reviews available for the product which helps potential customer to make up their mind before buying the actual product.

How Do I Use It?

Once you open the box & remove Amazon Echo plug it in, as soon as the startup ends you’ll hear a sound which is of Alexa as she is waking up. Post greeting you she will talk about the setup process. You can then connect the device with your Amazon Kindle or mobile phone using Bluetooth. Automatically you can start the sync process with the Alexa app post you can start using it.

What It Can Do?

  • It can stream online from Amazon Prime, you must be a prime member.
  • Add items to your to do list and shopping lists
  • Setting up kitchen timers and recurring alarms
  • Look up facts and unit conversions
  • Play news flash headlines from sources and choices made by you.
  • Control compatible gadgets like lights, locks & thermostats

New Features & Old Limitations

  • With Alexa you can call other Alexa users but you can’t call 911.
  • Echo can control Amazon Fire TV setups with the help of different commands but there is still room for Alexa to grow as she will not respond in a noisy room.


  • Google’s “Google Home”,
  • Alexa with iPhone’s “SIRI” HomePod
  • Sonos One
  • Google Home Mini
  • Google Home Max for best BIG Sound.


It is often known for being the speaker for the home. In the current generation of app enabled connected gadgets and automated everything, Echo’s style of work is different. It is not only a smart speaker but also is a user interface for your home, the thing we use more than anything else in our day to day life. Overall it’s not at all a bad deal to possess one.

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